Frequently Asked Questions

Are Confidence Period Panties only for periods?

No. The best part about Confidence Period Panties is that if you are just starting your period as a young girl, you are not very regular for the first few years, so wearing Confidence Period Panties to school for ‘”just in case” you get your period is a great idea, because they look and feel like normal panties. There is no need to waste pads or money on pads because you may or may not get your period that day. Wearing Confidence Period Panties a couple days before you are due to get your period will give you peace of mind. Changing in front of friends is no problem, as they look just like regular panties, so no need to be embarrassed. Confidence Period Panties can be worn under leotards for all kinds of Dance or Gymnastics. You do not have to stop doing what you love doing just because you got your period. At the end of the day, you need to take the panties off, rinse and wash them. You can sleep in a new clean pair of Confidence Period Panties at night. If you have a sleepover and worried about leaking onto the bed linen, just take your period panties with and wear them to sleep in. Just like normal panties to ensure hygiene, these panties can only be worn for one day then washed and dried for the next day, or use a second clean pair for the next day. To ensure longevity of the panties, you must follow the washing instructions.