Frequently Asked Questions

How do I wash Confidence Period Panties?

Confidence Period Panties are reusable so they must be washed after you wear them every day of your period. For hygiene and safety just as you wash your normal panties, period panties must be washed. After wearing the panties you take them off, rinse them under cold running water until you see the water is clear, then put them into the washing machine on cold wash cycle with normal washing detergent. Do NOT use bleach or fabric softener. Once they have been washed you hang them on the line to dry. Confidence Period Panties cannot be tumble dried. If they are tumble dried the absorbent materials will be ruined and will no longer absorb. If you follow the washing instructions, then Confidence Period Panties will last years. Saving you money on menstrual products, as well as saving the environment. If you hang them to dry on warmer days they dry overnight, however, if it is a cold damp day, they will take longer to dry, so a second pair is always good to keep with you. If you hang period panties up on the line inside they will also last longer as they are protected from extreme sunlight or rain.