Frequently Asked Questions

What are Confidence Period Panties?

Confidence Period Panties are panties that look and feel just like normal panties, you won’t even notice the difference when wearing them. Confidence Period Panties have an absorbent lining as well as a waterproof lining by the crutch. Confidence Period Panties have been designed and patented to ensure no leakage by using the absorbent materials not just in the crutch of the panties, but all the way to the back top of the panties. This absorbent material is what makes Confidence Period Panties unique. We want you to be confident all day long, ensuring no embarrassing leaks. Confidence Period Panties are soft, so easy to wear and comfortable. Because they are super soft and comfortable, be sure that when you do have your period, you have the period panties on, not your normal panties. They also are reusable. You just rinse under cold water, toss into the washing machine with the rest of the laundry, and then line dry. Confidence Period Panties are life changing. You can carry on with all your normal activities during your period. Not only will you be saving time and money on menstrual products, but you will be saving the environment too.


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