Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Confidence Period Panties for?

Everyone! Well, every woman! I am surprised that these have not been around for decades, they really should have been. Women have had the same menstrual products for years, and let’s be honest, they are not great options. Confidence Period Panties are for anyone who has a period. They are great for young girls just starting their period, as they are safe and comfortable. Because young girls are new to all this, they could accidentally leave a tampon in, which is extremely unsafe. Or they could not understand their flow yet and use the incorrect pad or tampon size. Wearing Confidence Period Panties is perfect for young girls, especially if they are not sure which day their period will start. They can just keep a pair in the school bag or at a friend’s house or sleepover just in case. If they are supposed to get their period on a Wednesday and they are not regular yet, then they could wear the period panties on Monday and Tuesday for just in case. Especially if they are at school all day. Confidence Period Panties are also for all women, any age. They just give you that extra protection, peace of mind and confidence you need and deserve.