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Bikini Cotton Black


Confidence Period Panties are specialized leak-proof, reusable panties to wear during your period. The quality cotton material looks and feels like normal panties except they have built-in padding that ensures no leaks get through. Confidence Period Panties are stain-free, super-absorbent and high-quality underwear for girls and women. Our period panties are the perfect replacement or back-up for your usual period protection and are made with special qualities which help to reduce odour and absorb up to one-three teaspoons of liquid, equivalent to two tampons – while still feeling dry. All Confidence Period Panties are for every flow, from light to heavy absorbency.



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  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine Wash
  • PREVENTS LEAKS AND STAINS: Made with built-in leak protection, Confidence Period Panties are menstrual underwear that absorbs your flow using a leak-resistant material to keep you feeling dry.
  • ALL-DAY COMFORT: Confidence Period Panties look and feel like normal underwear, except they have built-in padding that ensures no leaks get through. Our period underwear comes in three different styles and is made from soft, breathable fabric ensuring you with the ultimate comfort.
  • PERFECT REPLACMENT OR BACK-UP FOR OTHER MENSTRUAL HYGIENE PRODUCTS: Our period panties are designed to replace other feminine hygiene products, like pads, tampons, and pantyliners, depending on your flow.
  • REDUCES ODOUR: Our period underwear neutralizes unwanted odours, keeping you fresh and dry.
  • EASY CLEANING AND CARE: Unlike single-use disposables like tampons and pads, Confidence Period Panties are reusable β€” saving you time and money, while helping the Planet. Just rinse, machine wash on cold and hang to dry.


Due to hygiene reasons, these panties cannot be returned or exchanged.

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