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Confidence Period Panties are specialised leak-proof, reusable panties to wear during your period. The quality cotton material looks and feels like normal panties except has built-in padding that ensures no leaks get through. Confidence Period Panties are stain-free, super-absorbent and high-quality underwear for girls and women. Our period panties are the perfect replacement or back-up for your usual period protection. The antimicrobial qualities help to reduce odor and absorb up to one – three teaspoons of liquid, equivalent to two tampons – while still feeling dry. These panties can be used on their own towards the end of your period when your flow is lighter. During the heavier flow days of your period, it is recommended to use a pantyliner or pad as a back-up, although the Confidence Period Panties are highly absorbent.

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Your period does not have to be an inconvenience. With Confidence Period Panties, you can still play sports, dance, gym, enjoy parties and sleepovers and have more confidence while you go about having fun.