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Our Story:

My name is Danielle, I am a mother of two, a son and a daughter. This is my story on how I created the perfect period panties for girls and women. I started my company called Confidence Woman for my daughter who turned 11 years old and had her first period three months later. Completely unprepared for this we ran to the different stores to buy menstrual products. Having not shopped around in this section for many years, I realized that not much had changed since I was 12 years old. How disappointed I was to buy my daughter the same impractical and unsustainable menstrual products I bought myself all those years ago. The only difference was that Pads now have wings. I became aware of period panties in the USA and ordered a few pairs. I bought different brands and my daughter tried them out. The concept was great, but most failed hopelessly. Most did not look feminine and all leaked. I spent the next few months designing and experimenting with new materials. I chopped and changed the fabrics, changed the design function, and had specially developed new proprietary material. The results were amazing. Over the next year, we experimented with our period panties with young girls and women of all shapes and sizes. We are delighted to have created an aesthetically appealing, beautifully designed, comfortable, and fully functional leakproof period panty. When I realized just how life-changing these panties were, I decided I have to help more young girls and women. Menstrual products are an expensive monthly cost, with reusable Confidence Period Pantiesโ€ girls and women can go to school and work knowing that their period panties have them covered. Just like that, Confidence Period Panties was born!

About Confidence Period Panties

Confidence Period Panties are specialized leak-proof, reusable panties for women and girls to wear during their period. They have a patented design with four layers of absorbent materials to help with those heavy to light flow days. They are made with more coverage from the front to the back, the layered center extends all the way to the back waistband to provide additional protection.

The quality cotton material looks and feels like normal panties except has built-in specialized fabrics that ensures no leaks get through. Each pair of panties are stain-free, super-absorbent and high-quality.

Confidence Period Panties can absorb the equivalent of three tampons worth and can be washed and reused resulting in less sanitary products ending up in landfills.

Confidence Period Panties are designed and scientifically developed to be the best in the market category. We have proudly registered the design and have provisional patents in place in South Africa, USA, Europe and the UK. We believe we have significantly improved on functionality through advanced material quality, absorbency, comfort and longer lifespan compared to what has been offered prior to this.



Your period does not have to be an inconvenience. With Confidence Period Panties, you can still play sports, dance, gym, enjoy parties and sleepovers and have more confidence while you go about having fun.