Making A Difference

Forgotten Girls Angels

Our vision is to make a positive impact on women and the planet.

There are 7 000 000 girls in South Africa between the ages of 13 and 19. This is the school-going age of menstruating girls. Statistics show that 4 000 000 of these girls do not have regular access to sanitary products. Menstrual hygiene is NOT a luxury, it is a necessity.

Research has confirmed the negative effects of poor menstrual health management on a young girl’s education. The lack of access to sanitary wear and adequate sanitation facilities can affect a girl’s attendance at school by 25% per year. That is one week every month, which is an enormous setback in their school careers.

The sanitation in public schools is generally of a lower standard, which makes it extremely difficult for girls to discard used sanitary pads.

The monthly cycle of a woman should be something to celebrate and not to dread. This is a normal part of every woman’s life that should not impede her progress through life. It is extremely concerning that young ladies miss up to a week of school each month when they menstruate. This certainly hinders their education and sets them back, putting them at a clear disadvantage against their male counterparts.

Education is the future of our county. Women deserve better.

To quote Nelson Mandela – “To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”

Confidence Period Panties – “Because everybody deserves dignity.”

Our Vision

Our vision is to keep girls in school. We will strive to provide every girl or woman to have the suitable care needed during that time of the month, for hygiene, self-esteem and sanitary purposes.

Our Confidence Period Panties Charity Brand donates reusable period liners to young women like these in order to assist them during their menstrual cycle and ensure that they are able to continue their education with no concerns about where they will get their monthly feminine hygiene products from.

Help us donate to girls in need, who cannot afford or do not have access to sanitary products.

A Few Of Our Donations

School Donations

Donating Confidence Period Panties to as many girls as possible, ensuring they do not miss a whole week of school every month.

Soweto College

Helping girls achieve their dream jobs by not missing out on important lectures.

Home For Abused Girls

Confidence Period Panties charity also supports home for abused young girls.