Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Confidence Period Panties Absorbent?

Confidence Period Panties are a patented design with four layers to help with those heavy flow days and are made with more coverage front to back, the layered center extends all the way to the waistband of the back of the panty to provide additional length and protection.

The panty and layers of protection help to reduce odor and absorb up to one – three teaspoons of liquid, equivalent to two tampons – while still feeling dry.

What Are Confidence Period Panties?

Confidence Period Panties look and feel just like normal Panties. Confidence Period Panties have patented 4 layers of specialized absorbent and waterproof materials that go all the way from the crutch up to the back waist band. Confidence Panties unique design prevents leakage by absorbing up to two tampons whilst still feeling comfortable.

Confidence Period Panties are super soft, comfortable and easy to wear. These panties are washable and reusable. Just rinse under cold running water then put them into the washing machine. Do NOT tumble dry Confidence Panties as this will damage the fabric. They can also be hand washed and put on the line to dry.

Confidence Period Panties are life changing!

You can carry on with your normal day to day activities without the stress of leaking onto your clothes. Not only will you be saving time and money on menstrual products, but you will be saving the environment.

Confidence Period Panties were initially designed, manufactured and patented for my own daughter.

How Do I Wash My Period Panties?

Confidence Period Panties are reusable so they must be washed after you wear them every day of your period. For hygiene and safety just as you wash your normal panties, period panties must be washed. After wearing the panties you take them off, rinse them under cold running water until you see the water is clear, then put them into the washing machine on cold wash cycle with normal washing detergent. Do NOT use bleach or fabric softener. Once they have been washed you hang them on the line to dry. Confidence Period Panties cannot be tumble dried. If they are tumble dried the absorbent materials will be ruined and will no longer absorb. If you follow the washing instructions, then Confidence Period Panties will last years. Saving you money on menstrual products, as well as saving the environment. If you hang them to dry on warmer days they dry overnight, however, if it is a cold damp day, they will take longer to dry, so a second pair is always good to keep with you. If you hang period panties up on the line inside they will also last longer as they are protected from extreme sunlight or rain.

Please wash Confidence Period Panties before you wear them.

To wash your Confidence Period Panties simply rinse the panties under cold running water then put them into the washing machine. Do not use bleach or fabric oftener. You can hand wash the panties if you prefer or do not have a washing machine. Then hang out to dry.

DO NOT TUMBLE DRY Confidence Period Panties.

What Are Confidence Period Panties Made Of?

Every pair is made with specialized fabric consisting of four layers for ultimate protection and comfort. The breathable cotton draws away the wetness and dries fast. The specialized fabric neutralizes any odor. Our super absorbent fabric soaks up the fluid without the panties feeling full, bulky or heavy. These specialized layers of different materials and fabrics ensures that while you are wearing Confidence Period Panties, you will have no leaks on your clothes or bed linen.

Can Confidence Period Panties Be Worn On Their Own?

Yes, however, everyone is different. Everyone has a different flow and everyone has different needs and preferences. If you have a full day ahead, and it is the first couple of days on your period when your flow is heavier, there are several options. You can take a spare pair of Confidence Period Panties with you to school or work and change the panties in the middle of the day keeping the used ones folded up and put into the Confidence Period Panty zip lock packaging till you get home. You could also use a thin pad and halfway through your day throw away the pad and continue in just the panties for the rest of the day. If you are happy wearing menstrual cups or tampons, but worried that you may not be able to get to the toilet when you need to and you are stressing you may leak, you can wear Confidence Period Panties as a backup, so that if you do leak, it will not go onto your clothes. If your period is lighter or it is the last couple of days on your period, you can wear just the Confidence Period Panties the entire day. Each young girl or woman, after trying out Confidence Period Panties, will make their own choice on what to do each day of their period. This is a personal choice based on lifestyle and flow. After one or two periods you will have decided what is your best option for peace of mind, comfort and confidence.

Are Confidence Period Panties Only For Periods?

No. The best part about Confidence Period Panties is that if you are just starting your period as a young girl, you are not very regular for the first few years, so wearing Confidence Period Panties to school for “just in case” you get your period is a great idea, because they look and feel like normal panties. There is no need to waste pads or money on pads because you may or may not get your period that day. Wearing Confidence Period Panties, a couple days before you are due to get your period will give you peace of mind. Changing in front of friends is no problem, as they look just like regular panties, so no need to be embarrassed. Confidence Period Panties can be worn under leotards for all kinds of Dance or Gymnastics. You do not have to stop doing what you love doing just because you got your period. At the end of the day, you need to take the panties off, rinse and wash them. You can sleep in a new clean pair of Confidence Period Panties at night. If you have a sleepover and worried about leaking onto the bed linen, just take your period panties with and wear them to sleep in. Just like normal panties to ensure hygiene, these panties can only be worn for one day then washed and dried for the next day or use a second pair. To ensure longevity of the panties, you must follow the washing instructions.

Can You Swim In Confidence Period Panties?

NO! Confidence Period Panties are NOT for swimming. The absorbent materials will absorb too much water and when you get out of the pool the water will run out. Confidence Period Panties are designed to absorb a period flow, not water in a pool or bath. The chlorine is also damaging to the absorbent materials and the panties will not last.

We are in the process of designing period swimwear… Coming soon!

Who Are Confidence Period Panties For?

Everyone! I am surprised that these have not been around for decades. We have had the same menstrual products for years, and let’s be honest, they are not great options. Confidence Period Panties are for anyone who has a period. They are great for young girls just starting their period, as they are safe and comfortable. Because young girls are new to all this, they could accidentally leave a tampon in, which is extremely unsafe. Or they could not understand their flow yet and use the incorrect pad or tampon size. Wearing Confidence Period Panties is perfect for young girls, especially if they are not sure which day their period will start. They can just keep a pair in their school bag or at a friend’s house or sleepover just in case. If they are supposed to get their period on a Wednesday and they are not regular yet, then they could wear their period panties on Monday and Tuesday for just in case. They just give you that extra protection, peace of mind and confidence you need and deserve.

Why I Love My Confidence Period Panties?

For years I have struggled with confidence every time I got my period. We all need to discuss periods openly with both girls and boys. This is completely natural and not something any of us should be embarrassed or shy about. I really think by now so many more options should be available for women to use. For years we have been limited to pads and tampons. Draining our wallets as well as filling up the landfills, but we have never had another option, until now. The worst is when your period starts, and you open your bathroom cupboard to find that you are completely out of all menstrual products! Now what? It’s late at night, the stores are closed, what are you supposed to do? So, you make a small roll of toilet paper and put it inside your panties. Great! That lasts like 20 minutes. Buying Confidence Period Panties means that I always have something to use when I get my period, no matter where I am! I can take them on holiday knowing I won’t have to look for a store in a strange place I don’t know trying to find the right menstrual products or sending your embarrassed boyfriend or husband to the store for you. Keeping Confidence Period Panties means I am always covered day and night. It gives me peace of mind that I am always prepared, and confident every month.

Where Can I Purchase Confidence Period Panties?

United States of America

Confidence Period Panties are available at Amazon and our website.

South Africa

Confidence Period Panties are available at selected Dis-Chem storesTakealot and our website.

Are These Period Panties Reusable?

Yes! Confidence Period Panties are reusable. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3… Simply rinse, wash, and hang to dry. Do not use a tumble dryer. You are able to reuse our period panties every month for peace of mind.

Do I Need To Use A Pad, Tampon Or Menstrual Cup While I Wear Confidence Period Panties?

No.  However, if you would like extra protection during your period and your flow is heavier than normal, then you can wear the panties with any menstrual products as a backup or take an additional period panty for peace of mind.

Will I Feel Moisture When Wearing Confidence Period Panties?

Nope! Your underwear will feel drier than regular sanitary pads or pantyliners thanks to our super-absorbent and quick-drying patented material.

How Do I Know Which Size Of Confidence Period Panties Will Fit Me?

Please see our size chart to find your perfect fit.

Please note that the sizes; XS, XL and XXL are available;

  • In the United States of America on Amazon and our website.
  • In South Africa on Takealot and our website.

Can I Sleep In My Confidence Period Panties?


Absolutely! They are super comfy, super-absorbent, and prevent leaks. You can sleep in a new clean pair of Confidence Period Panties at night. If you have a sleepover and worried about leaking onto the bed linen, just take your period panties with and wear them to sleep in.