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Reusable Panty Liner – Pack of 3



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Reusable pads are healthier and greener than disposable pads. Plastic pads take 500 years to discompose, ending up in a landfill just after a few hours of use.

Made with cotton, they are super soft, comfortable, breathable; they don’t irritate delicate skin, and they are easy to clean.

They are long-lasting, so you’ll also love how much money you’ll save with them, and they are designed to give you a clean, convenient, and comfortable alternative to disposables.

Our reusable panty liners are designed to be kinder to women, and kinder to the planet, offering a solution that’s made with the cycles of your body and the safety of your planet in mind.

• Lightweight, slim pad design for lasting comfort
• Only soft natural fabric against your skin
• No harsh absorbing chemicals or bleaches used
• Includes a breathable waterproof layer
• Fastens securely around underwear
• Highly absorbent, designed to draw moisture away from the surface of the pad
• Washable and reusable pads save so much waste generated by disposable pads
• Much more cost-effective than disposable pads
• Also makes a comfortable everyday panty-liner


What’s in the box

  • 3 x Reusable Panty Liners


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